Ag dev

MFB Global Ag Dev Boot camp

The program covers various value chains in Agriculture, with special sessions on Agricultural Technologies, Financing Agribusinesses and Agribusiness Strategies.

Value Chain in Agric

Value Chain Specialization Academy

Value Chain Specialization Academy offers intense advanced training in the selected agricultural value chain.

The training provides access to Practical driven hands-on training, Mentorship to set up your farm etc


AgriTech Lab

AgriTech Lab is a cohort-based, modular and immersive in-class/field training course that leverages blended learning to provide Agtech skills and education to foster youth inclusion in Agriculture sector.


Climate Smart Agriculture Institute

A program designed and led by experts to educate and equip youths and women with climate smart practices to foster a site-specific and integrated approach to managing croplands, livestock, forests and fisheries.