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Global Agriculture Development Program

Program Packages:

• 2 weeks intensive bootcamp

• International Guest Appearances from Global Agtech firms

• World Class Master Classes

• Vast Professional Network

• 100+ Video/Audio podcasts

• 13+ World Class Instructors

• 2000+ Global Advocate Network

• 8 Global Advisory Board Members

• A well recognized Certificate of Completion


Frequently Asked Questions

MyFarmbase Africa Global Agriculture Development is a cohort based program where agricultural enthusiasts and youths are introduced into the Agricultural Network learning from top Agric experts across the globe.

It’s a two-week program with instructors from top industries across the globe such as Bayer, CBN, New Zealand Agricultural Society etc.

The program has 8-10 modules(courses), there are different instructors that would take the various modules and give you a breakdown and insights into the various sectors/value chain they operate in, as well as other activities that builds up your soft and industry relevant skills.

There’s enough basic knowledge in the program to get you started in whatever agric sector/value chain you want to go into afterwards.

Fellows who complete their training will be admitted into the MyFarmBase community, where we’d continually engage and connect Fellows to opportunities and have access to in-house engagements and programs, its life long learning with MyFarmbase Africa, we are committed to raising the next generation of Agripreneurs and abolishing food insecurity.

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